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What is Feldenkrais?

By heightening our awareness of our movement, breathing and posture, the Feldenkrais Method brings us closer to realising our full human potential.


Bringing this into our lives, we learn to move more freely, with greater ease, flexibility and grace.


The Method can permanently improve our posture, balance and coordination, awakening our inner capacity for life-long vitality and continuing self-development.

Photos: Jonathan Thrift

What are the benefits?

  • Relief from tension and muscular pain

  • Easier and fuller breathing

  • Greater relaxation and well-being

  • Improved performance in sport, dance, 

      music and drama

  • Greater ease in everyday activities

  • Increased vitality

 “When you know what you do  -  you can do what you want”

Moshe Feldenkrais

" There isn't any limit to the extent to which it can improve.  It is only static things that are permanent.  With a quality like intelligence, where intelligence is involved, there isn't any limit.  The person can do it so it improves.  Then, literally throughout life, he or she will never find "a best way," that cannot be improved upon.  Then, when he or she stops improving, it is a sign that it has become a routine and he no longer sees [or is aware of ] what he is doing.  He is acting mechanically and that is why it is not improving; otherwise, there isn't any limit to development.  As a person does better, the ability to feel becomes greater and the clarity, depth, and breadth of thought is increased.  The complexity is also increased, so that he or she can always do better, much better. " M Feldenkrais 

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