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Josephine Horder

As well as a Feldenkrais Practitioner I am a performing cellist and cello teacher.  

What has the Feldenkrais Method done for me? 


It has liberated my cello playing in the most extraordinary and impressive way, and it continues to expand my potential as a musician day by day.


It has increased my confidence in tackling fresh challenges and expanded the image I hold of myself, my talents and capacities.


It has helped to relieve my sciatica problem, surprised me with the increased speed of my reactions and miraculously transformed my swimming from average and unenthusiastic to fluid and powerful. 


It instills a sense of potential, growth, learning and discovery. 


As well as offering classes and individual lessons to the general public I  welcome collaboration with musicians of all ages and stages both individually and in group workshop and study situations. 

Move - Sense -  Feel -  Think

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