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Jo is a wonderful teacher and Feldenkrais brings me relaxation and energy. John

“Jo’s Feldenkrais classes are gentle, testing, brain challenging, core muscle developing, fun, varied, adaptable and suitable for everyone.  Beat that!”


Hello from Greece. Just waiting (with a beer) for our ferry to Paxos.

Sorry I didn't contact you sooner. The results of my my lesson have been subtle and quite powerful ? Eg. The next morning my balancing putting on my trousers was adolescent ! Brilliant. I also have much more flexibility in my hips . Maybe not just now after a 3 hr flight and a bus ride. I will work on my swivelling!


Jo’s classes are a highlight of my week. As a busy pianist and piano teacher I don’t always make enough time for myself. I really look forward to the classes as they make me feel whole, and replenished in body and soul. I have found that my piano playing has freed up and that I have more energy generally and also that I am more able to cope with life’s stresses! I’m not a naturally flexible person and I love how something which seems as though it will be impossible to achieve at the beginning of the hour is not only possible but even seems easy at the end! This can spill out into everyday life too.  Jo’s approach is always calm and measured and clear. I’d wholeheartedly recommend these classes to everyone.

Just for interest – I swam for the first time in a year a couple of weeks ago and found that I was using my body quite differently – I’ll never be a fast or graceful swimmer, but I found that I could swim faster than before and that I was able to keep going for longer and certainly felt more streamlined rather than slightly awkward as I remember before. Basically it felt much easier!! Just as you said. Best wishes, A

Just wanted to let you know that Nathalie and I did five of the lessons from the Feldenkreis CD which you lent us, and both appreciated them enormously. I initially felt resistance to the gentle nature of the work and  wanted to be doing more! But was amazed at the positive results, and I realise that the nature of the work is very good for me! Thank you so much for encouraging us to pursue it. 

Robin Ireland, Head of Chamber Music, Senior Viola Tutor, Birmingham Conservatoire

Two intensive sessions focussing on my feet have brought about an improved sense of balance, greater ease and confidence while walking and a gradual but continuing improvement to a long standing back problem.  By waking up my senses Feldenkrais has put me in charge of my own recovery:  thank you.

The gentle and elegant way you lead the class, your glorious voice, the pleasing Iron room all  greatly enhance the experience. B K 

‘As a viola player, it is not unusual for me to have to sit for several hours while playing. It is, therefore, vitally important that I sit in a way which allows me to use my body in the most efficient way, always ensuring that I am in a state of balance throughout and not using unnecessary effort. Feldenkrais provides a journey of self-discovery on how to achieve these aims. Jo Horder, herself a professional cellist, has developed the Feldenkrais principles for the benefit of musicians. After just one session with her, I could already feel a better attitude while sitting and felt that her exercises would provide me with much needed help in the future.’  K B

Hi Jo

I want to say a big thank you for your teaching this year. I so appreciate and benefit from the classes.

I've noticed that my noticing has developed over time, that my awareness of detail has improved. Makes me very happy to be enjoying moving in my body so much, and i suspect that enjoyment and discovery need never end ! A lifetime adventure with just my body :)

From a long term sufferer from Lyme disease (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

Thank you very much for your generous attention on the course. I'm so glad that I was able to come and collect many good tips and ideas to improve the whole experience of playing the cello,  and of improving my mobility in general. 

I think that British people have little knowledge of their own anatomy and what is happening during movement. Your explanation of this is just right, as correct specialist terminology would probably confuse many people. You have convinced me that detailed awareness is very important even for "simple" everyday movements that we should not take for granted. S.R. (Feed back from Benslow Music)

Just to share my realisation that the big benefit of missing several weeks of fk is the intense appreciation of it's benefit on return !!

This is a busy stressful time for me and I was aware I was in a stress spiral. An hour of fk has helped enormously to re connect with whole self, regain perspective from a whole and healthy place. Just tremendous.

So thank you, thank you for bringing this into my life :) :)

Claire xx

For me the Method functions as a ‘back to basics’ resetting, a way of finding what my body already knows (but often forgets) 

when the demands of professional violin playing threaten to blur the essential.

Paul Barritt  Leader Halle Orchestra

"Jo is a brilliant Feldenkrais teacher and her lessons were incredibly informative and beneficial to the way I play the cello and my ease of movement during everyday life. I would recommend her one to one lessons to anyone - musician or not!" 

Jonah Spindel  cellist  Royal Academy of Music

Dear Jo,
That was brilliant. I’ve just tried playing and found that I felt more solid on my sit bones and at the same time more fluid. My contact with the string felt really good. I loved what you said about there not being one ideal postion for playing.

Alison Bury, violin

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